Americana Decorating Accessories: Our Top Picks

Gold and orange may belong to fall, but the summer’s official colors – at least stateside – are red, white and blue.

From the moment we put out flags for Memorial Day until the time we start thinking about decorating for Halloween, the colors of the American flag rule the roost.

Patriotic themes are one of the key elements of what’s known as Americana decorating, a casual, appealing style that also pulls in aspects of farmhouse and primitive décor.

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Quilts: An American Art Form

Part of the Piper Classics Series on Country Quilts

When people use the phrase “a uniquely American art form,” they’re usually talking about jazz.

We’ve also seen the term applied to baseball, to hip-hop and to comic books. Today we’d like to add another member to the list of American art forms: quilts.

While the practice of quilt-making began in Europe, it was America that turned quilting from a craft to an art. Like the country quilts in your home, these items can serve a purpose – keeping people warm, decorating a room – while also telling a story. Continue Reading

Americana, Colonial Decor and the 4th of July

We’ve come to mark the beginning and end of summer using its holidays. Memorial Day and Labor Day are the season’s bookends, with July 4 nestled in between.

What ties these three holidays together? It’s the way we use them to celebrate America and to commemorate those who have sacrificed for the good of all of us.

The weeks between late May and early September give you an outstanding opportunity to use patriotic themes in your country home. Today, Piper Classics would like to offer you a few ways to embrace Americana décor this summer. After all, there are many more options than hanging up a flag. Continue Reading

5 Independence Day Country Décor Ideas

June 25th, 2015 Americana, Uncategorized

When Christmas comes, you put up some lights and decorate the tree.

When it’s Halloween, you hang fake cobwebs and turn your home into a haunted house.

When it’s the Fourth of July, you…put up a flag?

America’s birthday is almost here, and although it’s one of the more celebratory holidays on the calendar, your décor may not reflect that.

No one’s saying you need to go as big and bold as your town’s firework display, but there are a few touches you can add to get your home ready for July 4.

Here are a few simple tips collected from around the internet to have a simple, stylish Fourth of July.

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